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Are you looking for a Universal UV, IR and UV/IR Flame Detector Test Lamp?

Universal Test lamp

Flame detector tester for UV, IR and UV/IR Flame detectors

Testing flame detectors in storages, engine rooms and workshops requires a smart and rugged test solution for both UV (Ultraviolet), IR (Infrared) and UV/IR flame detectors. SENSE-WARE supplies Flame detector Testers for Safe Areas (non-EX).


The SENSE-WARE T-229/4P UV/IR Test Lamp is a light weight long range test source (flame detector tester) for both UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors in Safe Areas, such as Ship Engine Rooms.


the Flame Detector company

Universal UV, IR and UV/IR Test Lamp for Flame detectors



SENSE-WARE is a manufacturer and international operating trading company which sells high quality safety products since 2001. Our mission is to supply our customers products that fulfill their needs in the safest and most simple way. The key to our success is that we continuously update our technical knowledge.


SENSE-WARE is an independent player in the market as a manufacturer of universal UV and UV/IR Flame detector Test Lamps. The T-229/4P Test Lamp was developed in 2004. Four generations later the current Test Lamp sells all over the world mainly in Marine applications. Continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing procedures makes the T-229/4P the most reliable universal Flame detector tester on the market. “We have to change to stay the same…..”.



  • Universal UV/IR Flame detector test lamps
  • Many years of experience in flame detection
  • Up to date technical knowledge and constant product development
  • A certified quality program according to ISO 9001




The T-229/4P Test Lamp is suitable for all UV Flame detectors and (Single Frequency) IR Flame detectors or a combination of UV and (Single Frequency) IR. Not suitable for Dual IR or Triple IR Flame detectors.


Long range

The T-229/4P Test Lamp consists a broadband 100W source that emits UV and IR energy. Most Flame detectors will be activated at a distance of more that 4 meters with a full Battery.


Easy to operate

The powerful rechargeable battery lasts 10 - 15 minutes under normal conditions. Simply select the Flame detector type with the switch on the side of the housing and pull the trigger to operate the Test Lamp.


Carrying Case

The carrying case protects the T-229/4P Test Lamp and also stores the charger. It keeps the reflector of the Test Lamp away from dust while in storage.