Universal UV/IR T-229/4P Flame Detector Test Lamp

Universal Test Lamp T-229/4P

  • Universal Flame Detector Test lamp
  • Selectable Continuous mode for UV and Pulsing mode for IR and UV/IR
  • UV detector check up to 8 meters (26 ft)
  • IR and UV/IR Flame Detector check up to 4 meters (13 ft)
  • Universal charger 100-240 Vac with pins for US, EU, GB en AU
  • Carrying Case (always included in the Americas and optional *1 in the Rest of the World)

*1 NOTE: After October 2021 the version without Carrying Case will no longer be available.

Please check the Datasheet in your language here (pdf).

The T-229/4P Flame detector Test Kit activates UV, IR en UV/IR Flame detector equipment that work at 185-235 nm UV and wide band IR radiation. For use in safe areas only. Ask SENSE-WARE if your Flame Detector can be tested with the T-229/4P. Virtually all UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors can be tested with the T-229/4P with the exception of most dual IR (IR/IR) or triple IR (IR/IR/IR – IR3) flame detectors.

History: In 2002 SENSE-WARE introduced the T-229/1. In 2004 it was replaced by the T-229/2 and in 2007 the T-229/3 was launched. The T-229/4P is the most modern version.